School holidays and a ‘NOT Bummer Summer’!


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When it comes to school holidays, I sometimes think I am more excited than the children.  It’s a long awaited break from the routine; school runs, after school activities and weekend sport.  When we moved back to Dublin last September, it was done in a bit of a hurry and not well organized.  To be honest, it was chaotic!   The new school was chosen, and before we knew it we were waving goodbye, saying ‘have a great day, learn something!’. From that moment on there was a steady stream of requests to attend extra curricular activities: sports, dancing, and math’s club to name a few.  Since we were in chaotic mode and deeply aware that our children were uprooted with no warning, we said yes to many of the activities, too many in fact!! My reputation would be one of organization and my dream would be to have a command center, like the one on Young House Love.

Young House Love Command Centre

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Episode Three: The Great Irish Bake Off Challenge – Checkerboard Coookies


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So far episode three seemed to be the biggest challenge for the GIBO contestants, and I have full sympathy for them.  As I made my way through this recipe, it seemed to be getting further and further away from me!  Here is the result…much smaller then they should be.  I don’t think these biscuits would make the cut with Paul and Biddy!!

White Stack

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