Mince Pies…Easy Peasy


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Easy Peasy Mince Pies! Many years ago mince pies were filled with beef and game. Over the years they have evolved into a sweet pastry, filled with stewed fruits, suet and a dash of whiskey or port! The mince mixture is made a few months in advance to allow the flavors develop and the pastry is made from scratch, a method that I welcome you all to try!  But here at The Simple Owl we know everyone loves the gratitude of presenting freshly baked goods to waiting guests, but might not like the all the hard work involved!

MP Tin Two

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Halloween Garland and Bunting!



If there is one decoration than can be adapted to any occasion, its bunting and garlands!  I just love them and while I was trawling through Pinterest, I couldn’t resist sharing some Halloween delights with you!


Pages from a book garland boo                                                  Homey Oh My!

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Love Letters and Lunch Boxes…


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As a full time working mom, there are times when I want to feel connected to my children during their school day.  They might be feeling under the weather, or struggling with a topic, and leaving a note in their lunch box reminds them I am here for them.   I do this because I know how it feels to receive a note from my husband.  We are together 16 years and married for 15 of those years!  From the beginning, he left notes of encouragement, love, poetry and songs.  I will admit as the years have gone by, and life being so busy with three children, a dog and a rabbit, they are fewer and far between.  But now, more than ever, they are so special.  They are unexpected, and arrive when I need them most.


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