The Simple Owl Story

Welcome to The Simple Owl blog and shop.  A long journey has been travelled to get here and we are tickled pink that you are taking the time to visit us.  Our story is probably not much different than so many other working parents and in particular full time working moms (FTWM!).  As a mother of three children and being a FTWM, I  have spent hours flicking through amazing web sites and magazines that write about hosting children’s parties, anniversaries, Halloween, Christmas… the list goes on.  But I often found myself feeling a little over whelmed.   As desperately as I wanted to recreate an amazing idea for my own children, with hand crafted decorations and freshly baked goodies, it was never truly obtainable with out the following:  a week off work to get ready; a team of people to help you, not to mention a very large budget and finally, a craft room with every tool imaginable and an endless supply of materials!

Despite being a FTWM I was determined to break it all down and help people to host a party, get organized, enjoy their garden (be it a field or a balcony!), but most of all feel ownership and pride over what they are doing.  Here at The Simple Owl our motto is ‘a genius has the ability to make the complicated simple’.  Not for a minute am I suggesting we have genius status, but we will promise to keep it simple!

1 thought on “The Simple Owl Story”

  1. Comical! Good post

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