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Baking themed birthday party!

I have great memories of my childhood birthday parties. Balloons, hotdogs, cheezees, and ice-cream cake! Who could ask for more! We always host our children’s birthday parties at home and we love it! It’s always a themed party: under the sea, High School Musical, garden party, disco, circus and a princess ball to name a few! The first birthday of the year is a baking party. The idea came from invitations I had and the rest of the ideas grew from there!
Cupcake case decorations
For the decorations I used cup cakes cases and single balloons hanging over the party table. With a needle and thread I sewed through the cupcakes and swapped their direction so they stand proud of each other.
Don’t forget the bunting!
The Cupcakes:
Some of the children have allergies to eggs, so I decided to make the cupcakes in advance (no exposure to raw egg) and instead of cup cakes for these children I made chocolate rice crispie cakes. I made butter cream icing and set out a selection of cupcake treats! Keep some warm cloths close to hand, for spillages and faces! I have learned from the past…BE PREPARED!!
Chocolate rice crispie cakes
Cupcake toppings
Icing the cakes:
There were 12 children at the party, so I brought them to the table in groups of four. There were two adults on hand, so this worked out perfectly. Then I stood back and let their creative minds decorate their cupcake!
Decorating the cupcakes
When the children were finished, I put the cupcakes into individual cake boxes, attached a plastic fork with some ribbon (I put ‘stick on’ gems to add some bling) and put each child’s name on it, ready to take home.
Cupcake gift box
Party Food:
The party was from 2 to 4 in the afternoon. So all the children needed was a snack. We made some fruit platters, cheese and crackers and cocktail sausages (a must for every party!). Pink lemonade and fruit punch for drinks.
Not forgetting a special treat of chocolate covered strawberries!

Pin the cherry on the cupcake:
A twist on ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ ! For a moment I thought it was an original idea, decided to Google it, and found 100’s of other people thought of it too! Each child was blindfolded and given a cherry to stick on top!
Pin the cherry on the cupcake
Match the cookie cutters:
I took out all my cookie cutters and divided them into two piles. Using two sheets of paper I (well actually it was my dad!) outlined the cookie cutters to form two templates. For the game, the children are divided into two groups, with the pile of cookie cutters between them. They have to find the shapes for their page and the first team to complete the page are the winners! In fact we played all sorts of variations of this game! It was a big success!
Cookie cutter game
Musical Cupcakes:
When children arrive to a party they can be a little shy. So I printed a cup cake colouring page and let the children colour them when they first arrived. This helps them relax and get chatting. When it was time for games, I secured the cupcake pictures to the floor with blu tac, and we played musical cupcakes! (Same as you would musical chairs)
Colouring page for musical cupcakes
The Birthday Cake:
A couple of years ago, we hosted a ‘crazy hair do party’, which was a huge success. For the cake I made a giant marshmallow rice crispie cake with shish kebobs made from sweets (candy)! So this year the request came in for the same cake. But I thought I would change it just a bit. I made the marshmallow rice crispie cake and put a thin layer of butter cream icing around the edges. This was the ‘glue’ to hold the chocolate fingers in place. I tied a bow with some pretty ribbon and filled the top of the cake with smarties and malteesers and some milky-way stars! It was a hit with adults and children alike!!
Ricecrispie marshmallow cake
When hosting a birthday party, take it easy and don’t take on to much. I limit my parties to two hours…its enough!! Children love games: musical statues, pass the parcel, Simon says and pin the tail on the donkey. Don’t feel obliged to give out prizes for the winners; a big cheer can be just as effective. Also, I don’t always give out party bags; it depends on the theme and most importantly the budget.
Finally, I noticed in this posting I have a lot of I’s. The saying is, ‘there is no I in the word team’, and not a truer word! Yes I do have an amazing husband who puts order on my chaotic imagination! Well tries to at least! Thank you xx