English Market in Cork

My ‘day job’ brings me to Cork City, Ireland a couple of times a year.  In fact I do a lot of travelling and one thing that can be difficult is: not just finding good food, but to know that every time you return it will be as good as the last, or indeed, exceed your expectations.  I have found such a place, The Sandwich Stall at The English Market.

English Market 1

Cork is a beautiful city that is vibrant, cultured and always seems ready to start something new. Sandwich stall sign copy

Let’s start with lunch: the place to go is ‘The Sandwich Stall’ in the English Market.  It is a one stop shop for gorgeous food and excellent friendly service.  I had a chat with Mary the manager and she let me take a few photos to share with you.  She and her team are busy bees when I arrive and not phased by the building queue of customers.  Although you are never waiting long…the food is so worth waiting for!

Butternet Squash and spinich

Beets and cheese copy

Sundried tomatoes copy

The Sandwich StallYou have the choice to sit at the bar and grab a hot beverage, or you can head across the road to a beautiful park that is very popular at lunch time.

Baguette copyBageutte copy

Before I leave the market I head over to the Alternative Bread Company, for the most delish carbs in Cork!

Alternative bread Company Cork

Again you are greeted by super efficient and very friendly staff.  The stall is loaded with all sorts of bread and appears to be able to accommodate any diet.

Everyone os catered for copyWho doesn’t love brown soda and a cuppa…

Brown soda copy

A glimpse of the vast selection of breads on offer.

Obscure bread company copy

Baguette 2 copy

So with my Sandwich Stall bento box full of delicious salads and a baguette under my arm I head across the road to the park.

Arch copy

This Arch was the former the entrance to the city corn market on Anglesea Street, built around 1860, and was re-erected to the Grand Parade in 1985.

Park copy

Lots of other people had the same idea on such a beautiful day!

Sandwich stall box 2 copy


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