Episode Two: The Great Irish Bake Off Challenge – Dingle Pie Accompanied by Spring Broth

Lard, wild apple mint and wild garlic leaves!!  If nothing else my pantry and use of new ingredients will be greatly expanded!  Here goes week two, Dingle Pie.  I have tried to find the history of the pie, which I think looks very similar to a Cornish pasty, but have had no luck!  If anyone out there can enlighten me and The Simple Owl followers, feel free!

Open Dingle Pie

(The recipe I used is  from the TV3/Great Irish Bake Off site)



Hot Water Crust Pastry

  • 375g plain white flour
  • 90g lard
  • 225ml water
  • ¾ Tsp sea salt
  • 1 egg (to glaze)

 Pie Filling

  • 400g spring lamb
  • 1 carrot
  • A handful of parsley
  • A sprig of wild apple mint
  • A few wild garlic leaves
  • 2 tsp thyme
  • Small knob of butter

 For the broth

  • 200 ml clarified lamb stock
  • 1 onion
  • 1 stick celery
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 leek
  • 1 tblsp wild rowanberry jelly


  1. Trim excess fat from the meat and cut it into small cubes. Leave aside until you make the dough.
  2. Peel the carrot and chop it up into small pieces. Melt some butter in a pan and fry up the carrot for a few minutes, sweating off any excess liquid.

Hot Water Crust Pastry

  1. Melt the lard and salt in a saucepan of hot water and simmer.
  2. Mix in flour, be careful as the mix will be very hot at this stage. Knead the mixture until it forms a dough and then divide the dough into 8 even pieces. Keep warm and pliable. If the dough hardens, place it in the microwave for a few seconds to soften it.
  3. Pre-heat your oven.
  4. When ready, roll out the dough and cut out 4x 13cm circles and 4 x16 cm circles of dough. Bakers used their bowls to do this – you may have something in your cupboards of the correct size too.



  1. When dough is ready, place even portions of the pie fillings onto each of the 13cm circles. Season to taste.
  2. Place 16cm circles of dough on top and seal them together using egg wash.
  3. Use the 13cm bowl to trim the outer edge of each pie, making them all a uniform shape and size.
  4. On each pie, pinch the outer edges and fold inwards, pressing with your index finger, work your way around the pie to create a decorative rope shaped outer edge.

Open with  meat


  1. When you have all 4 pies shaped, brush egg over the pies. Cut a small cross in the top of each pie and peel back the peaks of the cross slightly so there is a small hole.
  2. Cut out 12 leave shapes from the leftover dough and place 3 on each of the 4 pies.
  3. Place in the oven at 200 degrees/180 degrees (fan) for about 20 minutes or until the liquid begins to bubble through the hole, then turn it to 165/145 degrees (fan) to prevent overflow of juices. Continue baking until done through and golden brown.  The whole bake should take between about 40- 45 minutes.


  1. For the broth, heat the stock and add rowanberry jelly to taste and season to taste. Finely chop the vegetables. Add to stock and cook lightly. Serve in a jug alongside the pies.

Dingle Pie

Over all result…presentation: I don’t think Biddy would be impressed, flavor: very minty, but I like that!  While making the pastry I thought it was a funny color. So decided to Google the difference between lard and dripping…there is a difference…a big difference. Pity the butcher didn’t know it! So this pastry is made with dripping!! Novice mistake!!  One thing I will say about these challenges, collecting the ingredients has involved some work, necessitating me (well my husband) to travel off the beaten path to find the ingredients.  Come to think of it, it may also just be a reflection of the limits of my cooking and baking.  If you fancy this pie, and I strongly suggest you try it, I would not hesitate to use shortcrust pastry.  In fact you could buy ready made if you really wanted to.  I do think there will be a difference in flavor, but as always, if it encourages you to take on a somewhat difficult recipe like this, then I say go for it!


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