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Back to School Lunch Box Ideas!

Heading back to school after the holidays is always a great time to start new routines, and that includes healthy and interesting lunch boxes!  Children need nutrients to feed their brain and energy for activities like sport and dance.  I have been browsing the net for some inspiration for my own children and thought I might share some of the great ideas out there.

The Family Corner has loads of really healthy lunches.  Just glancing at some of the pictures can inspire new ideas!

Family corner


My Mommy Style: I love the idea of the silicone bun cases to create different compartments in the lunch boxes.

My Mommy Style

For the ultimate in lunch box ideas Wendolonia is the go to place! Not only is there great lunch ideas, there’s also reviews on the best lunch boxes to buy!


Lunch Box tips:

1.  Before heading to the shops, make a list of your weekly lunch plan.  The Simple Owl shop has a great weekly planner that is perfect for meal planning.

2. Encourage children to take responsibility for making their own lunch and developing good habits.  If at first they are choosing food that is not going to provide the best nutrition during their day at school, you choose the food instead and let them prepare it.  Eventually this will form good habits and they will automatically choose the right food in future.

3. Ensure the lunch box is easy to open/close and ‘the right side up’ is easily identified.  I once bought lunch bags that were easy to open, but impossible to close, even for me!  They had a very short life in our house!  Now when I am buying lunch boxes I bring the children with me to ensure they can manage it.

4. During the summer holidays, our attempt to restrict treats to Fridays is somewhat banished.  Especially when we live close to one of the best whipped ice-cream shops in the country!  But when school returns, it will be back to Friday’s being treat day.  This is a lovely opportunity to add some home made oatmeal biscuits or bought biscuits that come two in a pack, like Oreos, into the lunch boxes.

5. Don’t forget to give lots of drinks.  The night before, pop the beakers or water bottles into the freezer during hot weather.  By the time the children get around to drinking it, it will be defrosted, but still ice cold.

6. Aim to include fruit, vegetables, protein and carbohydrates.  Safe Food is a European website that is packed with information on children’s eating habits and the best foods to include in their lunch box.

6. As children get older and the school day gets longer, consider sending hot lunches to school.  Food flasks are great for pasta, noodles, soup, and beans.

I hope your child’s return to school is exciting and full of adventure!