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Love Letters and Lunch Boxes…

As a full time working mom, there are times when I want to feel connected to my children during their school day.  They might be feeling under the weather, or struggling with a topic, and leaving a note in their lunch box reminds them I am here for them.   I do this because I know how it feels to receive a note from my husband.  We are together 16 years and married for 15 of those years!  From the beginning, he left notes of encouragement, love, poetry and songs.  I will admit as the years have gone by, and life being so busy with three children, a dog and a rabbit, they are fewer and far between.  But now, more than ever, they are so special.  They are unexpected, and arrive when I need them most.


A note to your child saying ‘I love you ‘ might be cringe worthy if it was seen by their class mates.  So other things that connect you can be just as effective.  How about a joke? Thirty Handmade Days has some great ideas for lunch box jokes and offer a free printable!


I was presented with these ‘back to school jokes’ from one of my children who is ‘joke mad’!

Q:What do you call a school jacket that is on fire? A: A blazer!

Q: Why did the music teacher bring a ladder into school? A: So the students could reach the high notes!

Q: Why should you not put gel in your hair on the day of an exam? A: The answers might slip your mind!

If times does not allow for printing, laminating etc., just write out your message on a slip of paper…easy peasy!

  • For sports fans who are delighted with a recent win, write the score and a caption: ‘Way to go Ireland -> Irl 17 – 14 NZ!!!’
  • Cut out a small picture from a magazine of something/one they love, moshi monsters, barbie, One Direction, rugby players…the list is endless!  Stick it to some pretty backing paper, and pop into their lunch box!
  • Refer to what is happening at the moment: ‘Best of luck in your maths test today, you are brilliant!’

The Simple Owl Shop has a very handy Kitchen To Do Notebook, that is perfect for quick lunch box notes!

There are lots more great printable lunch box notes from:

I Should Be Mopping The Floor.


and Mama Bub


and Kiki Company


Pinterest have a huge selection of printable lunch box notes, including themes for Halloween, Easter, Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day!

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Leaving lovers and lunch boxes to one side, keep in mind someone else who might need a note.  Something unexpected to say you were thinking of them, or a reminder of how important they are to you.  Never underestimate the impact an encouraging message can have on a persons day or life.  I don’t mean a text, email, poke, Facebook message or a tweet.  I mean get a piece of paper, a pen, an envelope, in fact a postcard will do; and send a message today.