Halloween Garland and Bunting!

If there is one decoration than can be adapted to any occasion, its bunting and garlands!  I just love them and while I was trawling through Pinterest, I couldn’t resist sharing some Halloween delights with you!



Pages from a book garland boo
Homey Oh My 



Cyclidelic bunting
Tatertots and Jello 



Landee See Landee Do 




Mantel Bunting

Lisa Bearson




Polkadot bat on hessin

Speckled Dog




Ribbon garland

The Diary of Dave’s Wife




Silver trick or treat

Better Homes and Gardens 



Yarn pumpkin garland

Design Improvised


If you don’t fancy a haunted house, but do want some Halloween decor, just decorate your mantle or side board.  A few pumpkins, glitter skull and some Trick or Treat Bunting and boom!! You are all set!

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