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Easter Cake Bunting!

Cake bunting is a fun and simple DIY craft project.  When you fancy personalising a cake, but icing skills are not your forte…cake bunting is the answer! To keep things easy for Easter we have a template for you to use. This year I am entertaining a large gang of family and friends and will need lots of desserts.  Cupcakes are handy since they can be made in advance and keep really well too.  I am going to use the Vanilla Cupcake with Raspberry Icing recipe (get it here).  For the butter-cream icing, I will leave out the raspberries and mix smaller quantities of icing with pink, yellow a mauve food colouring gel. Decorate the cupcakes simply…because this Easter it’s all about the cake bunting!

Easter Cake Bunting Main Shot

You will need:

  • Easter Cake Bunting template
  • White card (240g is ideal)
  • Two pastel coloured paper straws (get here)
  • Pastel thread/butchers twine
  • Sellotape
  • Scissors


  • Using the link, open the Easter cake bunting template and print onto card.
  • Cut out the individual lettered eggs and lay text down and back to front. The first time I did this I ended up with lovely bunting that read ‘YPPAH RETSAE”. So make sure they are the right way!! Leave approximately 1/2″ between each egg. You may want to leave more space if you are using the bunting for a large cake.
  • Line the thread/butchers twine across the eggs, 1/5 of the way down. Secure with Sellotape.
  • To secure the thread/butchers twine to the straws, you can do either of the following: 1. Using a skill knife, cut a small slit (1/4″) into one end of both straws, by placing the knife across the diameter of the straw.  Insert the thread/butchers twine of the HAPPY into the slits, wrap around the straw twice and once again run it through the slit.  Cut off the excess twine. Repeat the process with the second straw, leaving enough slack to create the bunting swag.  Repeat the process for the EASTER, leaving slightly more thread/butchers twine, so the eggs do not over lap.  OR 2: Tightly wrap the thread/butchers twine around the straw four times and tie in a knot.  Cut off the excess thread/butchers twine.
  • Arrange the cup cakes on a plate or cake stand.  Applying gentle pressure, insert the straws into two cupcakes, as seen in the first photo above.

Side shot Easter cake buntingWishing you all a great Easter!

Simone, The Simple Owl x