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Easter Tree Decorations

Easter is a holiday that I love celebrating!  Spring is well and truly here, the daffodils are up and the tulips are not far behind.  The evenings are getting brighter and the air temperature a little warmer.

Many years ago my younger sister started an Easter tree tradition in our family home.  I was living in Canada at the time and was lucky to find beautiful wooden decorations in a little shop on Bloor West, which I still treasure today.  Over the years I have picked up little bunnies or eggs, but most of the ‘new’ decorations are gifts we have received.


When looking for a tree, the finer the branch the better, as this lends itself to the delicate tones of the pastel coloured decorations.  A great excuse to head out on a walk to look for fallen twigs and branches. This year, I am using what was a witches broom that we made last halloween at a workshop in the forrest.  I like the organic look of the branches, but they could easily be spray painted white or any pastel colour.  Chalk paint would work really well.  Check out shops that sell silk flowers for ready painted twigs.

My most treasured Easter decoration, a gift form my mother, is my wonky eared rabbit.  Her ear was damaged in transit.  I thought about fixing it, but it gave her a story of her own.


I have four GIANT eggs, another gift, this time from my sister!  At first I was not sure what to do with them, but when I put them on the tree it was true love!


This little duck has taken a beating over the years, 20 years to be exact!  She is one of my gems from Bloor West, Toronto.


Some more of the Bloor West gang!


My little house, of which I have two, came from Kenmare, Co. Kerry.  I can’t remember the name of the shop…it was so long ago!


If you celebrate Easter and decorate an Easter tree, I would love to see it! Please post your Easter decorations, floral arrangements or treats to The Simple Owl Facebook page, by clicking here.

Happy Easter!

Simone, The Simple Owl x


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