A good nights sleep….ZZzzzzz

Every now and then we find ourselves exhausted!  Life gets busy, we pack our days with activities and stay up late to get as much done as we can.  Then one day, everyone crashes and we are a tired and cranky house! Nothing gets done right, arguments creep in and the children start to bicker over fresh air.  I have come to the conclusion, sleep and rest may not be the solution to all your problems, but it will without any doubt, help you be in the right frame of mind to deal with whats thrown at you.

When she wakes My dads mantra is: ‘if you have a big decision to make, sleep on it’.  I have not always followed his advice and if I am honest, maybe should have! I used to be part of an imaginary club where running on a few hours sleep was fashionable in a very odd way.  I was complimented on how I could keep going with so little sleep and still do so much.  But the truth is, it wasn’t cool then and it is remains uncool!  Tiredness and exhaustion are secret killers!!  I found this cartoon that brilliantly describes the different stages of sleep…

After watching a TED talk by Arianna Huffington about the value of a good nights sleep and how sleep deprivation led her to collapse at work and sustain a serious head injury, she convinced me (in less than seven minutes) that sleep is something that I have to start putting into my diary.  Rest is something that I can no longer go without.   When the children were very young we were strict on routine and bed time.  Why?  Because it worked.  Its time to get back to a healthy sleep routine. If you are in the same boat as me, here’s a few ideas to help you get a good nights sleep.

  • Make it a priority: Treat rest and bedtime like an important meeting that you cannot be late for.
  • GO TO BED!: Don’t potter around at night finishing up the last few chores or watching a movie you have seen 5 times already.  Set a bed time that will give you enough rest and stick to it.
  • Early to bed…:The hours you sleep before midnight are better than the hours after midnight.  I am not sure about the science behind this, but it works!
  • Buy a bedside clock: Remove any device from your room that you can put an ‘i’ in front of:  iPhone, iPad, ianything. Do not use your phone as your alarm clock, buy a bedside clock instead..
  • Fresh sheets: Change your bed linen every week or more often if you like.  I have yet to meet any person who doesn’t LOVE fresh bed sheets.  Bath + fresh sheets = heavenly sleep.
  • Get it off your chest:  If you have something on your mind, write it down and try to put it to rest for the night.  If there is an ongoing issue in your life, it will still be there tomorrow and you will just be more exhausted!
  • Gratitude Book:  The last thing I do each night is write an entry into my gratitude book.  I record the good things that happened to me that day.  Maybe I finished something I was working on or one of my children got the hang of their nine times tables, or simply, a sunny day.  When I fall asleep I am thinking good thoughts, and grateful for the good things in life!

Good Night! ZZzzzz