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Weekly Inspiration – 7.9.15

Between the blog, being a mother, wife, sister, friend and of course working, I am also studying for a masters degree.  The new, and for me final academic year is about to begin.  If I am very honest, I would prefer to close my eyes until it all went away!! Instead of front loading modules I have left them to the end, so I am somewhat overloaded with study between now and my final exams in June 2016, ten modules to be exact.  But I know that when I sign off on the last exam in June 2016, and when I graduate in March 2017 with an MSc in Public Health, I will be so proud that I persevered through to the end and didn’t give up.

perseverance weekly inspiration

Here’s to a week of working towards your goals, no matter how distracted or tired you are!

Simone 🙂

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