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Monster Madness – Birthday Party Theme

Monsters Madness parties are all about green, orange and purple ‘everything’ topped off with googly eyes!  Its a super simple party to put together and great fun for birthdays and end of year parties!

Calling all monsters: Invites give the first impression of what the party is all about.  Click here for a FREE printable of The Simple Owl – Monster Madness party invites.

Monster theme birthday party

Decorations: remember, its all about big impact with minimal effort! The Simple Owl Shop has deadly drooly Monster Madness Bunting, that when combined with some balloons (green, orange and purple of course!) you will be well on your way!

MM-305 Bunting 1

The Party Table: Keep an eye out for cheap fabric or a plastic table cloth to cover the table.   The Monster Madness Cake stand from The Simple Owl is a great solution for a centre piece! For a super easy cupcake recipe click here. (swap fresh raspberries for some food colouring of your choice!)  Finish off your delish bakes with fun cupcake wraps!

MM-307 Cupcake Stand 1

Setting the atmosphere: when young children come to a party they can be shy at first.  I have experienced a room of five year olds sitting in complete silence. Print out free images that match your party theme and leave with some crayons on a coffee table.  When the children arrive invite them to color and, trust me, before you know it the noise level will rise!

Monster Theme birthday Party printable

Game on!: Never be fooled into thinking that pin the tail on the donkey or any body part for that matter is just for children.  A couple of years ago, my then 90 year old grandmother was quite happy to be blindfolded and twirled three times to have a go!  Pin the eye on the monster from Project Nursery is a sure party winner!! Don’t forget the old favourites, musical monsters (musical statues), Monster says (simon says). Check out Pinterest for lots of other simple monster madness party ideas!!

Pin the eye on the monster

What to eat:  I provide a fruit platter and small brioche sandwiches or cheese and crackers.  I add some crisps and pink lemonade.  The cake is served with some rice crispy buns (for the children you don’t like cake).  After years of parties, birthdays or otherwise, I don’t fuss to much about the food as it gone in seconds!! Just make it somewhat wholesome and not sugar packed! Or you risk having a house full of MONSTERS!!

Simple Owl Children’s Birthday Tips:

  • Always have a clear start and finish time for parties.  This is mostly for the children.  They are so excited waiting to go to a party, that after a few hours their energy wains and tiredness sets in!
  • Prepare, prepare, prepare…everything!
  • Children don’t notice the very fancy detail you spent hours tying to get perfect.  Put your energy into big impact decorations and the games…then have lots of fun!!

{This post contains links to The Simple Owl Shop where Monster Madness party ware is for sale}