Mini Command Centre

‘Command Centre’ is word I learned from Young House Love. They are, after all, the King and Queen of getting things done.  But for me, living in a 160 year old house, a large white board is not a great idea.  Putting nails in the wall results in a pile of plaster on the floor!  So I am opting for small and compact. This framed mini command centre, is perfect for our needs!  I should add, on the back of my broom closet door, there is a calendar with all sorts of notes and to do lists stuck to it.  But this project is desk/counter top worthy!

Mini framed command Centre

Do it, dump it and delegate it are family priorities right now. That is, purging our home and lives so that we no longer have clutter or excess.  That includes our closets, computers, phones, schedules and most importantly our minds.

Do IT:  Whatever the job is: paying a bill, fixing a shelf, clearing a closet, submitting an assignment – just get it done and don’t waste anymore time thinking or talking about it.

Dump IT: Recycle and sell any items you can. Offer items to family, friends and charity shops.  If you have agreed to do something and you know it is too much for you or your family, consider cancelling or having a change of mind. So many times I have said ‘yes’, only to find myself so overwhelmed. Consider invitations and requests carefully before you accept.

Delegate IT:  This is easy, always take help when it is offered and don’t be afraid to ask.

You will need:

  • Frame of your choice, with glass (I got mine for €1.49 in Dealz)
  • Free ‘Do It’ printable, available to download here.
  • White board markers

Its as simple as: print the poster and place it into the frame.  Use a white board marker to write your notes on the glass!