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November Box – Christmas Preparation

November has just begun, and I am not ready to turn up the christmas tunes or take out the decorations just yet. But some of my Christmas planning and organisation starts now.  This is why I have a November box.

Christmas preparation

Whats in my November box?

  • Christmas cards: I buy Christmas cards in the after Christmas sales and this way they are on hand to post on December 1st. We send cards and parcels over seas too, so to make sure they arrive in plenty of time for Christmas, we post them in late November.
  • Christmas card ‘send and receive’ list: I use this list to keep track of who we are sending and receiving cards from.  Do I stop sending cards if I don’t receive one? Yes, after two years.
  • Christmas ribbon, wrapping paper and tags: So many times I have left wrapping until the last minute and gifts were not ‘presented’ in the way I would have liked.  Again taking advantage of the after christmas sales, I stock up on christmas ribbon, tags and wrapping paper, this way I can wrap as I shop!  Having everything I need on hand in the November box is so helpful.
  • Santa hats and Christmas photo props: We take a family photo to send to our relatives and friends overseas, so need to have santa hats and photo props on hand.  The children are involved in events like carol singing, and not having to dig through decorations to find a santa hat is a great time saver!
  • Christmas magazines: Some people over indulge in chocolate, cream liquor or turkey at Christmas….for me it Christmas magazines.  I keep them in my November box, and year on year have inspiration for planning our Christmas!
  • To Do – Not To Do list:  In the busy run up to Christmas, it’s so easy to become tired, stressed and find that you are not enjoying the festivities.  In January, before I put my November box away, I write a letter to myself as a reminder of what worked and what didn’t.  This way I don’t make the same mistake twice (or at least try not to!).
  • Advent Calendar:  For many people Christmas starts on December 8th, when a tree is bought and decorations go up.  Since an advent calendar starts on December 1st, we keep it in the November box so it’s ready to go. Of course if yours is of the chocolate variety…no need to think about this step!
  • Last Years Budget: Family poke fun at me for my list making, but with so many balls in the air at once, I would fail miserably if I had to remember everything.  At Christmas, our most important list is the budget.  For the past 5 years or so, we have been pairing back on spending money and instead spending time with family and friends doing something fun.  Having last years budget on hand, quickly puts spending into perspective for this year.

Good luck in your Christmas preparations; and if all else fails, turn on the fairy lights, grab a glass of eggnog and turn up the christmas tunes! 😉

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