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Advent Calendars

The 1st of  December is nearly here and its time to dust off the advent calendar, or pop out and buy one!  I keep mine in my November Box so its easy to access!  Fancy creating your own?  Here is a whole lot of inspiration for you!


These pretty numbered mini bags can be downloaded here.  664e9c0f7ba59e2f816e5b3811685e89

Christmas trees, so simple and so perfect!

bb_star_calendar_1Stars, Stars and more Stars!!

a2b96c3958e9f0379b1c78775cf496f4.jpgWhat do you think is tucked in side these pretty envelopes??  I think they are full of little invitations to have fun!  Maybe to have a popcorn and a movie night, make hot chocolate or go ice skating!

33176d1795955c89e950b8ffe2c46b71Paper bags could not be easier and are great fun!  These are perfect if you are thinking of bigger sized treats!

c15ce486789eedadfc4058b94945260aStars and a basket…perfect match!190160ef48c22edc4fd425a78447ef2d

Simplicity at its best!  I love alternative Christmas trees and advent calendars.  Both boxes, BIG tick!

An advent calendar can be made of anything!  Print off numbered advent tags from As Simple As That and add them into your own creation!

To see lots more ideas for advent calendars click here.