Wish List

Wednesday Wish List

Wednesday Wish List!

Having a wish list is a trick I learned form my sister-in-law; a list of all the things that inspire me, goals I want to achieve, and things I dream about. Or lets be honest, things I want to run out and buy!  Making lists are my number one go to for keeping on top of life.  So here is this weeks ‘Wednesday Wish List’, a little bit of inspiration straight to your in box!

  1. Chopping boards from Carolyn Donnelly – Sharing platters full of cheeses, meats and chutneys is my favourite way to entertain, and these boards are the perfect presentation companion.
Chopping Boards – Carolyn Donnelly for    Dunnes Stores


2. A Spool of Blue Thread – a book by Anne Tyler.  I am way overdue to read this book.  I received it as a christmas present and it was featured in my book club, but studying blocked the path of any non-essential reading! So it has just been added to my summer reading list!  Have you read it?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the book, pop your comments in the box below.

A Spool Of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler

3. Chinese Paper Place Mat Pads – The Pepin Press – These were an instant purchase.   There are all sorts of pads to choose from, indian prints, op art, lace and several more. Just tear off a page, use it as a stunning place mat, and recycle after you meal!

Pepin Place Mat PadsThe Pepin Press


4. Williamson Tea Caddies – It’s one thing to love tea, but the caddy its stored in is just as important!  I have a Williamson tea caddy, its dark red and gold, I picked it up on a trip to Liverpool several years ago…and love it!  There are so many teas and caddies to choose from.


Stained Glass, Williamson Tea Caddy Williamson Tea


I hope you have a great week!

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