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Wednesday Wish List

Apologies for previous post in draft form, here’s the real thing!

Wednesday Wish List!

Having a wish list is a trick I learned form my sister-in-law; a list of all the things that inspire me, goals I want to achieve, and things I dream about. Or lets be honest, things I want to run out and buy!  Making lists are my number one go to for keeping on top of life.  So here is this weeks ‘Wednesday Wish List’, a little bit of inspiration straight to your in box!

  1. No longer on my wish list!  This fantastic book just arrived in a beautiful package from a best friend based in Canada!  The wonderful Michelle, from In Love Again.  I have followed the Young House Love blog for a while now and their inspiration is endless!
Loveable Liveable HomeYoung House Home


2. Its been 20 years since I camped in the Grand Canyon, and it looked nothing like this!! I’d love to go back again!

Glamping in the Grand Canyon – Rue Magazine


3. I am working on updating my home office (took a beating after nine months of hard study!), and like the idea of these baskets for holding my magazines and files.

Eclectic Metal Storage Basket – Dunnes Stores


I hope you have a great week!

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