Wish List

Wednesday Wish List

Wednesday Wish List!

Having a wish list is a trick I learned form my sister-in-law; a list of all the things that inspire me, goals I want to achieve, and things I dream about. Or lets be honest, things I want to run out and buy!  Making lists are my number one go to for keeping on top of life.  So here is this weeks ‘Wednesday Wish List’, a little bit of inspiration straight to your in box!

  1. After my whirl wind visit to Kew Gardens in June, my passion for prints was reignited! I particularly like the old school poster presentation.
Botanical PrintsMoss Cottage 

2. Sweet Estelle is based in the U.S., but delivery rates to Ireland are reasonable and my experience has been great! A Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches recipe is available on the Sweet Estelle Blog and it reminds me of visiting the ‘corner store’ when I was a child! So this wish is more for a time machine then an ice-cream sandwich! 😉

Sweet Estelle Bakery

3. I spotted these Moss Grey Strip Throw in Meadows and Byrne last month, but held off buying one as the price was a little too steep.  They have been reduced by €30 and now €49.99, still a bit high for a throw, but I like the fact that they are 100% cotton.  So with the correct care, it will last for long time.  I am planning an outdoor cinema night and since its Ireland, blankets will be in demand!

Moss Grey Stripe Throw – Meadows and Byrne 

4. Podcasts!  Yes I get it that they have been around for a long time, and I may be the last person on the planet to finally listen to a podcast, but here I am flying the podcast flag!! Last week I mentioned my new favourite book, Loveable Liveable Home form the creators of the Young House Love blog.  Well they have now taken to podcasting and are my new listening when I want to sit down, take five and be inspired all at once!

Young House Love Podcasts

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I hope you have a great week!

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