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Lunch Box Printables

Back to school is only a few days away for our house (eek!!), and that September feeling is in the air.  Apart from all the usual stuff: uniforms, books and endless envelopes of money that needs to be arranged, I like to make time for the little things, like lunch box printables.

A note in my children’s lunch box has always been a way of staying connected when they might be struggling or not having an easy time.  But mostly they are just a little bit of inspiration and have always had a positive impact on their day! 🙂

(P.S. these printables are not restricted to children!)

Here are two lunch box printables from The Simple Owl to kick start your school year!

Lunch Box Printables No2 2016 Pastel

Click here -> Lunch Box Printables No 2 2016 Pastel to download your FREE Pastel Lunch Box Printable

LucnhBox Printables 10 yrs + Sept 2015.jpg

Click HERE -> LucnhBox Printables 10 yrs + Sept 2015 to download your FREE lunch box printable.

Good luck to all the parents getting ready for back to school…may the odds be ever in your favour…;)

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