Autumn Water Colours

I give in and admit that summer is now over, the kids are all back at school (silent victory dance around kitchen ;)), and routine returns.  All of which is not a bad thing, because Autumn is my favourite season!

I love the early mornings, when the temperature has dropped slightly, the sun is lower, leaves are beginning to fall and the colours are changing.

Today I am sharing this awesome app I found called Waterlogue.  Available on iTunes for €3.99, and it’s a little piece of magic!

Check out some of the images I transformed using the app.

I love how the greens and reds are captured in both images of the door!




Hydrangea are a favourite of mine, either in the full bloom of summer or when dried in winter.  I had never seen this deep purple variety before, so I snatched a few branches that were hanging over a (low) wall. I set up the flowers in a glass jar, and love the results.




The app is very easy to use and there are lots of different finishes to choose from.  You can either take a picture with the Waterlogue App and convert it to a water colour or, use images form your photo library.  I use the app on my iPhone, but it is available for desk top also.



The sound of dried fallen leaves underfoot…



A single pinecone



Raspberries, I’ll admit I did not find them on my nature walk…but on a little cafe detour!



Download these images for free and pop them in pretty frames to freshen up your home with a touch of autumn, or stick to the front of a blank card for a handmade feel!  I printed the images on ‘laid white paper – 100g’.  The slight texture in the paper gives a high quality finish.

Old Door // Hydrangea Large // Hydrangea Single Stem // Fallen Leaves // Pine Cone // Raspberries

The images are property of The Simple Owl and for readers private use only


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