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Halloween Rag Garland

A Halloween rag garland is quick, easy and effective!  I use this bunting as part of a grander (sounds weird 😉 )Halloween display, but its just as festive with a few bats cut from black paper!

IMG_0629-2 copy.jpg

You will need:

  • Orange and black cotton (the image shows purple ribbon, but when it came to using it I decided to leave it out).
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors (snip the fabric and then pull apart to form strips, it is not supposed to be perfect)


I took a picture of every step – I think its better than words.






(sorry about the poor photo quality, shot this quick with my iPhone)

That’s it! Could not be easier.  You could add in some polka dot fabric and different textures.  I have kept this one plain to go with Halloween lettered bunting.

Keep it easy, keep it spooky!!

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