Thought A Day: A Gift For New Parents

My child asks: “how old was I when I started walking”?  There was a time when I could give answers down to the minute. But now the details are little hazy, only because I am making new memories with my children every day and old memories are pushed further and further to the back of my mind!  In the craziness that surrounds being a parent for the first time, we don’t always think to capture in writing, the special moments, that is the little moments in-between the big ones.

So it made me think of a very simple gift for new parents.  A box of notebooks, that one day a parent can pass on to their child, full of every day precious memories and milestones.

Thought a dat featured image  copy.jpg





Add in the gift card explaining what the note books are for, pop the lid on and secure with a pretty bow!


This gift cost approximately €11, but once those note books are full, it will be priceless ❤

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