Cured Meat and Cheese Board

Last weekend felt like summer!  A warm breeze, and hot enough for a dip in the sea. I didn’t feel like cooking up a typical autumn dinner, and went buffet style instead with a cured meat and cheese board.  I am a Gemini, so pick and mix is my first choice, that goes for candy and sweets too 😉

Leader Image Meat and Cheese Board  copy.jpg

Etiquette suggests a cheese board should have a blue, brie and a cheddar.  I don’t stick to that rule and instead use what I like to eat together with a display of what happened to be in my fridge and press at the time of eating.  Some walnuts, cashews and hazelnuts.  They came out of a mixed bag of nuts, but looked prettier in their own little piles.  Honey, onion relish, mustard and apple chutney were on the side. Olives, rocket, plum tomatoes, blueberries and strawberries are your five a day in one sitting! 😉



This is the best set up if friends are over; no fuss and more time sitting down having a great catch up!  Where I can avoid it, I don’t do formal served meals, just not my forte!



Versatility at its best!  Use the this platter for any occasion. Next week I am hosting book club and this my friends, together with a glass of wine for the ladies with be game, set and match!

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