Wish List

Wednesday Wish List

Wednesday Wish List, a list of all things that inspired me this week

“…I’m dreaming of a white kitchen….” Considering my house is painted white from top to bottom (yes you heard me right: all walls, ceilings, doors and trim), a white kitchen should not be a big deal.  But it’s the cabinets I’m after!  When we moved into our present home (a rental) the kitchen was dark wood and we painted the doors Niagara Blue (Dulux).  I can’t change the kitchen, but I can change the colour.  I would love white cabinets, mixed with natural material together with green, blue and gold accents.  So this is why I have a wish list! 😉

Young House Love have once again graced the internet with a stunning kitchen remodel.  I am on YHL overload at the moment, between their blog, podcasts and book; but feeling super inspired!

Young House Love

Pinterest images of open shelving always looks so casual and “I just threw books on the shelf and voila!”.  But in reality, its not so easy to make open shelving in a kitchen look uncluttered, styled, yet still functional.  So this is why you need to read Emily Henderson’s advice on open shelving.  I have my eye on the gold/brass shelf brackets.

Emily Henderson

I’m obsessed with large pendent lights over kitchen islands.  But what really draws me into this kitchen image is the brushed stainless steel stools and green styling accents.  The perfect  combination to compliment a white kitchen.

Source not found

The mix of modern and classic is done to perfection in this white kitchen.  The gold taps, wickers shades, picture sconce and straight lines of the cabinetry. Love!


Lisa Herry 






The blue wall surrounding the window is like a picture frame and so gentle.  I think gentle colours are key when the majority of your finishes are white, as colour may dominate if used incorrectly.

Better Homes and Garden

I hope you have a great week.

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