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DIY Advent Calendar

It is easy to know by looking at my Pinterest board, I am obsessed with DIY Advent Calendars. I love them because they symbolise the first day of Christmas and fill the gap while we wait until Saturday to buy our real tree at the school fair.

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Last year I used numbered pegs to secure red and white polka dot bags filled with treats and surprises.  This year I am reusing them, but with the added feature of being mounted on a canvas.

(I admit it would have been helpful to receive this post a few weeks ago, but I decided to post it anyway, because next year is too far away 😉 )


I hung the calendar on the stairs, so the photo are taken from an unusual angle.  But who needs the standard when you have a wall of chocolate!

I used:

  • Numbered pegs – I picked some up in Tiger, last year.  But with a packet of clothes pegs and some numbered felt hearts secured with glue, you could achieve the same thing.
  • Large canvas 60 x 80 cm – I choose a canvas instead of a board to reduce the weight – (Søstrene Green)
  • Masking tape – (Woodies)
  • Ink pads – red, green and gold –  (Søstrene Green)
  • Christmas tree stamp – (Søstrene Green)
  • Two eye hooks – (Woodies)
  • Ribbon (approx 1.5 metre) (Hickeys)


What I did: 

  1. I taped off an even border around the edge of the canvas approx 1.5 inches from the canvas edge.
  2. Stamped away to my hearts content…or trees content 😉
  3. Positioned the wooden pegs evenly spaced on the canvas.  Keep in mind the treats need room to hang and you do not want them to overlap or cover the number below.
  4. When I was happy with their position I secure the pegs with a glue gun and allowed the glue to set for 10 minutes.
  5. Inserted two eye hooks on the top rim, 10cm in from each corner
  6. Slid the ribbon through as shown and tied a bow to hide the 3M hook.
  7. Finally, I pegged 24 teats to the advent calendar.

Tip: Ensure the treats are not too heavy, otherwise they will slip out of the peg.


For treats I added: foiled chocolate but you could add little bags with gold coins, mini candy canes, marshmallows

For surprise cards I included: a Christmas movie night, ice skating, a carol service and Christmas cookie baking.  These are all things that we do anyway, but they seem to have added value when they come from the advent calendar!

Tip: If I am not sure what day we will be use our surprise cards, I keep the card separate and pop it on the calendar the night before we are using it!


Tip: to prevent your Advent calendar looking bare when the treats are gone, add little cards printed with a Christmas joke or traditions. 

Merry Christmas ❤

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