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Unwanted Gifts and Snowy Owls

master.jpgLast year I was torn about throwing out two owl decorations.  My mom bought me the red owl and my dad the other.  Neither of these guys were my taste in colour, but I really liked their shape and form.IMG_1030.jpgSolution: I grabbed a tin of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (bought here) and transformed these little beauties.  I am so happy with the result!   The finish is matt, and looks super Christmasy, but can be used year round. single owl .jpg

Chalk paint can be used on any surface that is free from dirt and grime.  I love it because I can just lay out some newspaper and start painting, no prep, no sanding.

Side note: when my mom and dad visited, they admired the owls, but didn’t realise they had bought them for me.  I was a little apprehensive telling them I painted their gift.  They didn’t mind a bit and were delighted I changed them to my taste.  Whew!

The end goal is to surround the owls with faux snow and tiny fairy lights, all enclosed in a bell jar. But I have yet to find a bell jar big enough to fit them both.  I can get the height, just not the diameter.  I’d love to hear from anyone who knows where I could source one.

Owl two .jpg

I painted the owls last year, but didn’t finish them with wax.  As a result the small owl has a few spots where the red is showing.  The great thing about chalk paint, its so easy to touch up or do a complete repaint.

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