Wednesday Wish List

Here is this weeks Wednesday Wish List – a round up of things that inspired me this week!

An entrance way is the first thing your guests see, but most importantly, its what greets you every time you walk into your home.  So make it special!  I love everything about this entrance way. Speaking of entrance ways, or exits in my case, I am nearly finish by back hall revamp and can’t wait to share it with you!

Spring throw in entryway 1-2.jpg

A quick visit to Dunnes reminded me I need to save like crazy so I can buy 70% of the Savida range and 97% of the Carolyn Donnelly range!


I picked a hanging frame from Carolyn Donnelly for my new work space…(reveal coming soon too!).


We headed back into routine on Monday morning after two weeks of mid-term break and I made a big effort to be organised for the week ahead meal wise.  I found this blog post about preparing snacks really helpful.


I am really excited about this months book club choice.  It came highly recommended by my Dad, and I have a feeling its one of those books that will make you want to run out and do something amazing!  Four Mums In A Boat


Hope you have a great week!

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