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Tea and Scones in Brooklyn, NY

Maybe its a curse of being Irish or just being us, but when my husband and I are tired, we both love tea and scones.  Last autumn we visited New York on a four day break and loved every minute of it.  Of course four days is just a taster, there is just so much to see and do!


On our last day, feeling somewhat exhausted, we walked from Manhattan to Brooklyn over the Brooklyn Bridge (must be done if visiting New York).  We were advised to head left when we landed in Brooklyn – into Dumbo (Tip: most people head right into Brooklyn Heights)… and that’s where we found it…The River Café.

Ever get the feeling you are about to venture into a place that is going to be  unforgettable? Well that is exactly how we felt when we saw the little ‘River Cafe’ sign almost hidden amongst the shrubbery.

If you are watching your budget, it’s not the place to go.  Two scones, a pot of tea and a coffee was $40/€40.  But for us it was worth every penny!

The view, decor, service and presentation were top-notch!  The waiting area was decorated with huge bunches of white roses and hydrangea.  Taking photos in the waiting area did not seem like the right thing to do, so you will have to take my word for it.

Flower 1 RC

The floral arrangements were stunning and the simply table settings were so elegant.

Table Setting 1.jpg


Water table .jpg

More flower arrangements!

Flowers 2


We travelled in November, and the weather was dry and sunny; warm enough to sit outside.

My very handsome travel companion ❤


Autumn planters were everywhere in New York, bursting with yellow, red and orange blooms.


Finally… tea and scones in Brooklyn, NY


I hope to add more pictures to this post soon.  My Mac died and I am still retrieving data in drips and drabs, so do check back for an update.

West Elm is just around the corner, an amazing interiors store with a mid-century modern feel – if only I had my own plane to bring every thing home!

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