Wish List

Wednesday Wish List

Here is this week Wednesday Wish List: all thing pretty, all things useful (sometimes not!), places to go and things to see!

I am obsessed with all the tricks a Cricut can do!  I love typography, and being able to embellish fabric and cushions and all the endless things with pretty words is awesome!    I should clarify, I don’t have a Cricut, yet! 😉 ❤ 0001.jpg

I always have my eye on new designs emerging from Aliquo.ie. and this enamelled pink design is beautiful! ZRGS1-pnk_6edaef40-d9f9-4b29-a942-c723194282a6_1024x1024.jpg


I remain on a minimalism mission and am inspired by this clean fresh space by Sunny Circle Studio (most of Erin’s work is shared on her Instagram/FB page).1508187847557.jpeg

Can’t let the spooky season pass without sharing some pumpkin glam.  I am all loved up with this rock and roll pumpkin style from For The Love Of Colour on InstagramScreen Shot 2017-10-25 at 21.31.21.png

Hope you have a great week!

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