Who is The Simple Owl?

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My name is Simone, a 40 something year old who aims to keep life simple, and takes inspiration from everything I see and hear. I’m also a party hosting, vintage treasure seeking,  Mom of fantastic kidos, wife to a patient husband, and surrogate mother to our rescue dog and rabbit!

What are affiliate Links:

Affiliate links are when I link a product or service to the source. When you make a purchase through the link, I receive a small (tiny) commission. This is how I fund the blog.  BUT ALL opinions are my own and I will NEVER say I like or recommend a product or service unless I believe it to be worthy.

Are all links affiliate links?

No, sometimes I just want to share products or ideas with you or let you know about a good deal.  If the links are affiliate or if the post is sponsored, I will tell you at the beginning or the end of the post.

We are a local business and want to get in touch about our product or service, how can we contact you?

Please email me at hello@thesimpleowl.com















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